Learning Lodge Navigator – www.vtechda.com

VTech Learning Lodge Navigator Many students use Tablet or other portable devices for using their learning tools. The user needs to download many programs and documents now and then as the need arise. Here we will discuss on VTech learning lodge navigator. If there is some software or service available that can help the tablet… Read More »

Nora Fatehi Belly Dance Performance Video – Bahubali Song & ‘Big Boss 9’ Fame Nora

Nora Fatehi Belly Dance Performance Video 26-year-old Nora Fatehi is known only as a ‘Big Boss 9’ contestant. But few people know that Nora is a very good dancer in Moroccan-Canadian origin. In Telugu films, it is full of their own hit songs. In India’s most successful film ‘Bahubali’, she also knew for her work.… Read More »

What is No Claim Bonus (NCB) and when do you get it?

All about No Claim Bonus (NCB) Certificate, Percentage Calculation, and Transfer Rules No claim bonus is a reward given to the insurer by the insurance company. If during the insurance period a person does not take any claim in a given year/ policy term, then company decides to reward the insurer next year. This reward… Read More »