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Best Coverage Options for Unemployed and Uninsured

Answers for the Unemployed and Uninsured People Best health insurance for unemployed: Most people of America get their health insurance from their employers itself but then what about those who are unemployed. Around 14 million jobless people have to take desperate measures. Before purchasing insurance, here are few tips to get in mind: Get the… Read More »

Tips and Process to Get Your Insurance Claim Paid Fast

How to Claim Insurance? Insurance claim payment process: If you have question like, how long does an insurance company have to pay a claim? Then read this article now. Sometimes people find a process of filing claim very boring or confusing. But the fact is quite different. Once a person get settled any claim like… Read More »

What about Missing Beneficiary Insurance Policies – Unclaimed Life Insurance Policies

Is Insurance Policy Money Looking for You? Life Insurers Start to Seek Out Missing Beneficiaries Missing life insurance beneficiary: Many times, people forget to tell their beneficiaries about life insurance policy. The life insurance policy or any other policies follow the rule, “You will get only, if you ask for”. If money is not claimed… Read More »

Miss California Teen USA 2017 Jaanu Patel Photos and Instagram Page

Jaanu Patel’s Photos – Miss California Teen USA 2017 If you are searching for Miss California 2017 winner’s photos, then you are at right place. Here we collect some best pictures of Miss California Teen USA 2017 Jaanu Patel (Indian American). You can see more Pics on her Instagram page. Miss California Teen USA is… Read More »

How to Reduce Costs in Retired Life and Living Frugally on Retirement Income

Ways to Cut Expenses in Retired Life – Living Well on Less in Retirement How to spend less when you retire: Let’s check ways to cut expenses in retired life and living well on less in retirement. There are six expenses that can be left to reduce and save little money in retirement. One, life… Read More »